Interracial femdom fetish

At A Black Womans Feet
Stacey and Garnette enjoy keeping a white boy at their feet. It reminds him that he is nothing to them, and is worthy only of licking the bottom of their feet clean and sucking on their toes.

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Interracial femdom stories

Tasty Cum
Babie and Princess do take pity on their white boy slaves sometimes, and they will eventually let them cum. But what they won’t bend on is their standard rule that the slave must swallow his spooge after he cums. So once this slave gets his relief Babie collects all his cum and into his mouth it goes for slave consumption. Gross!

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Interracial femdom sex

Unique Taste
Unique is a pretty girl that likes having men stationed in her bathroom. This way she can relieve herself and enjoy a satisfying licking afterwards from a male pet, making every trip to the toilet an enjoyable experience.

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Interracial femdom videos

Where He Belongs
At Marie’s feet is where her pet belongs, kneeling there obediently as her footstool while she goes about her business on the computer. She also puts him to work worshipping her feet before she walks away, abandoning him when he is no longer of any use to her.

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Interracial femdom porn

Sexy Ivy
Ivy loves having a human douche after she uses the toilet. Not only does it keep her clean down there, but also serves as a quick cunnilingus pick-me-up for her to get her day started on the right foot.

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Smoking Stool
This is how Diamond likes to smoke sometimes, perched up on a slave because she likes having a man beneath her while she relaxes. She even casually rips a fart right on the slave while enjoying her smoke.

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Shave My Legs
Boys have all sorts of uses as slaves. It’s not always just sexual enslavement, sometimes they handle tedious chores as well like shaving legs. That’s what Diamond has her boy do for her here, he shaves her legs for her while she sits back and watches.

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You Took Too Long To Cum
Chyna does let her boy toys cum…sometimes. But she won’t wait forever, if she gives a slave permission to cum then he better be quick about it or lose that privilege. This slave was lucky enough to be granted release and he feverishly begins to stroke at the sight of her. Alas for him Chyna got tired of waiting and revoked his orgasm permission leaving the slave with blue balls for another week.

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